Marshmallow Bath Towel


Uchino Marshmallow Bath Towel - We processed extra-long staple cotton into zero-twist yarn and wove it into soft pile. This item features airy fluffiness like marshmallows.

  • This item is only available in Hong Kong & Macau.

Oeko-Tex Certified Product

HK$ 388.00

Uchino began in 1947 and is based in Tokyo, Japan. All bath and body products receive individual attention and are carefully chosen for their quality. Uchino towels and bathrobes are made from the finest and most natural materials available from sustainable sources.

Features : Very long cotton combed non-twist yarns, subtilise dyed.

Material  : 100% cotton

Size       : 70 x 140 cm

Color      : Blue Green / Violet / Pink / White

Made in Thailand

The thread of ultra-fine is in non-twist yarns, by weave a longer hair foot, achieving a lightness such as delicate and soft touch and down like marshmallows. 
Soft feel not only skin-friendly, makes feelings to comfortably relax. 
For higher even less water stimulation to the skin, it is recommended in wipe gently towards the baby and delicate skin. 
Safety International is a safety standard "Oeko-Tex Standard 100" of the Class 1 authentication also we're getting.

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